Yahboom MakeCode and Robot Arm

They call it “Arm:bit” and we finally got it assembled and programmed with MakeCode and Micro:bit . The kids are stoked ! ! We would love to see a GHI product like this, with a LEGO type system , or any similar product.


I have been having issues with the controller circuit. It sometimes stops responding. Have you had any issues?

“controller circuit” , we did not have issues yesterday with the game controller, I think Yahboom calls it “game handle” or just “handle”, and we did not have any control problems with the Yahboom arm:bit per se either. We have used the game controller to drive their “robot car” I guess you would call it, not the tiny one that you feature but the larger bot car, that seems to work ok with the controller but I could try driving it again. The Arm:bit has some gear tightness that seems to not give it free movement at one joint and one of the linkage rods comes off when fully extended but again, that is not controller issues. We haven’t yet had really enough time to experiment with the controller but will try that this week and next and will look at response issues. Meanwhile we are going to have to explain some assembly issues that we had with the arm and the work-arounds that we used; some parents or teachers might be stumped by lacking parts or wrong color coordination.

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This Arm:bit project with MakeCode and two Micro:bits , kit by Yahboom, is well more complicated than just an educational micro:controller. We are trying to transition our kids from Arcade game and the simple Micro:bit board for electronics into something more interesting and “constructive”, like building a robot type figure. But this has added challenges for parents, teachers and volunteers who don’t know much about coding and electronics. Add to this that Yahboom has compressed their information into .rar files which some folks do not know how to open and extract. Plus, some assembly is confusing. I have extracted the basic files and loaded them to my Google Drive account. Please let me know if you cannot access these files. I intend to post this link on all video descriptions on my YouTube Channel regarding Arm:bit, MakeCode and Hardware.

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