We used Classic BrainPad today

First I asked my students to watch Sandra explain how to make a story on the original BrainPad, she was 8 years old when she made the video on GHI Youtube channel. Then, while watching that I had the boys and girls look at the Makecode BrainPad web page on their computers and follow along choosing other display figures and changing “pause” times and different buttons to activate the story program.Finally I had them download their program to the BrainPad hardware. and press their buttons as in their programs to watch the display. This was all done at our weekly library meet-up and most of the kids are homeschooled so this computer science and electronics helps with their science and math credits.

This seemed to be a good introductory lesson to BraninPad. Thanks Sandra and Gus !


I like to trick students into coding. They are “making a story”, is what I tell them but then to do it they have to learn to code.

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Yes, I never thought of it that way, but that is true and I think I’ll use the idea of “story” making for our littler kids when they use the BrainPad and BP Arcade.