Unveiling the Tiny:bit robot

Tiny:bit Robot

Over at Yahboom they made a nice and sturdy Micro:bit compatible robot for you to enjoy. The robot has two solid metal gear motors so you don’t have to worry about them breaking from the common plastic ones. It also features a distance sensor, two line sensors, two RGB lightbulbs, two smart addressable LEDs, a buzzer to play exciting sounds with and even a microphone!


If you are new to Microsoft MakeCode extensions, we made a quick guide for Extension Instructions already. If you know what you are doing, the URL for the extension is https://github.com/brainpad-board/Yahboom-Tinybit_Smart_Robot_Car


This robot utilizes some Universal Blocks that are common between other robots. Click on the link to learn more about them. For features that are not included on that page, they are exclusive for the robot such as the Microphone on the Tiny:bit in this example. Clicking on the button below will redirect you to a MakeCode project with the Tiny:bit extension already installed.

Tip: The “Smart Leds” block lets you use the smart LEDs on the robot with the Neopixel extension. Look at the code below for an example on how to control each LED.

Yahboom Tiny:bit example


Now that you understand how the blocks work, check out the JavaScript side and more raw code at our GitHub.


I have this other bot car by Yahboom link below. They don’t seem to know the name of it, ‘robot car’ or ‘bit bot’ but it is a little bigger than the tiny bot car that you show. Tomorrow morning at the coffee shop kids’ meet up we will try your new extension for bot cars with mine; it runs on the Micro:bit with make code also. https://www.yahboom.net/study/Bitbot. Edit: actually, as you can see at the link, Yahboom chooses to make their consumer software compressed as .rar files. In case you are not experienced de-compressing that and extracting the program, I found BreeZip to work…on my computer. I have not got a way to get these .rar files open on a Chromebook nor tried it on my various smart phones. My conclusion is that sometimes computer/electronics people use tools which work for them but are difficult for us consumers to figure out thus putting hurdles in front of us in addition to our own CS naivety, my rant.

Did you only that we have every single micro bit accessory available and some that are not on the market yet? Jealous? :grin:

We see that documentation are not always the best from these accessory makers and we are creating new ones. We also need the community to help at some point.

Every accessory? Do you have 51bit Color:bit by Jumping Yang? I’ll send you one if you’d like.

Every accessory we found. This one I haven’t heard of.

I will mail one to you, Jumping gave me 10 because he said they are not for sale in the Western Hemisphere. They do not use neopixel extension but do work with his extension and your nice new micro:bit extension for bots. Thank you for that !
Also, I found out that the “ZIP Extractor” app. works with Chromebooks and Chrome OS to decompress and extract .rar files which Yahboom uses , now does this work on Android phone? Who knows, we will try. Yahboom’s .apk package for camera:bit is supposed to control their camera from Android phone (not iPhone?) using MakeCode and Micro:bit. EDIT: ps , I have to tell you how much we appreciate all your hard work making these CS systems and hardware work together for STEAM for our kids…many are home schooled and do not have access to science labs. BrainPad and your programs are wonderful…full endorsement from me…a volunteer.

Great. Looking forward to seeing it