Question for GHI about Arcade Expansion Board

Since we are now able (partially) to use an Arcade game console with Micro:bit edge connector to drive a 2 wheel bot car, we wonder if GHI might consider an expansion board with power to drive a bigger bot car with an “Arcade controller” ? There are millions of Micro:bits in the hands of kids and hundreds of edge connector enabled pieces of hardware. GHI has some of the longest experience with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. Yahboom has the “Super:bit” expansion board but as far as we have tested it the Meow:bit with Micro:bit edge connect does not work. Kitten:bot may have a powered expansion board which does work but it takes 3 weeks to get it from China. Any chance of GHI designing something for us? See video:

There are behind the scene things you are not seeing. We have been driving these robots for a while :slight_smile: Soon my friend… soon!