Question about corner holes on BrainPad Arcade board

We have a plan to use BrainPad Arcade console as a motor controller on Lego techinc robot figure and would like to mount that console via the 4 corner holes on the technic frame. These holes’ diameter is too small for the technic pins. Would there be a problem drilling (or really reaming) these holes larger? Are these holes electrically functional? Is there circuit wiring within the board at each corner which we would ruin by enlarging the diameter of each hole by, 1-2 mm ? Thank you.

You can’t drill these holes but you can use them for mounting.

I can mount the BPA using metal machine screws of correct diameter to fit into the holes and will not short circuit the electronics? The holes have no electric connections now? Thanks Gus.

No electrical connections. They work fine with the screws we commonly use in electronics. I can’t recall the size.