Particle Effects Demo fail

I’d like to use this Demo tomorrow at our library meet-up on our BrainPad Arcade. But when I click on “show code” a blank page comes up, no code behind the effects. Is this not intended to be used in games? Can the code be seen so it could be altered by students?

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@JasonLS was telling me about this. Something is wrong and we are looking for a fix.

Use the 4th of July demo we made recently. @Gregory where is it?

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The reason I think this July 4th demo is useful is because it is simpler than a game. I am not in an ideal classroom and am not a teacher. Our kids come and go around the library and if we don’t hold their interest then they go elsewhere. I made a video of the fireworks so kids can find it easily on YouTube and see the links to “share code” which installs the demo on their computer or phone. I also did an example of altering the sprites and posted it in comments of video. Now with one click the kids can see the Arcade environment, see how to work it to make changes and share their changes in the comments section of the video if desired. This is not the game , it is just the simplest introduction to Arcade.