Extending Microsoft MakeCode

What is a MakeCode extension?

A Microsoft MakeCode extension is a handy way for users to program with objects that are outside of what is offered when you load up MakeCode for the first time. Whether it is an extension for LED strips like Neopixel or an extension for a robot like DFROBOT Maqueen Robot we made, extensions will make your life easier.

Whether it is one of our extensions or someone else’s, adding extensions in Microsoft MakeCode is easy no matter what platform you use. The following instructions use the Brainpad Classic, Brainpad Arcade, and MicroBit as examples.

How to install extensions

Step 1:

First, go to the website of your choice whether it is for the Brainpad Arcade, Classic, Or MicroBit and click on New Project

Step 2

Next, click on the Advanced tab, then onto + Extensions

Step 3:

After that, we need to type in the link for the extension. You can get the link for the extension on the maker’s website. For us, we include the link within the post itself.


The extension will now pop up in the list with all the other original block groups. The location of the added extension depends on where the maker wanted it to be put but is usually at the bottom above the Advanced tab you clicked earlier. You can always use the Search box at the top to find the blocks you just loaded as well.

Exploring The Code

Did you know you can view the files of the extension you just added with only two clicks? After you have installed the extension, click on the JavaScript side and then click on the Explorer tab then onto the file you just downloaded! In this example, I added the “Light” extension and found the file called “light”. Here you can also remove unrequired extensions and you can manually update extensions if you’re behind.