Chasing down bootloader for Brainpad

Howdy all!

I’m looking for the files (most recent if possible) that support this video. I am anticipating installing Forth which can nuke the bootloader.

I was able to locate a schematic but am not sure how recent it is.

I was directed here to post, so I am compliant with that request.



Hello Rasyoung. We currently do not have a bootloader that supports Forth, you will have to make your own. Here is a list of all our current bootloaders . Thanks

Thank you, that’s just what I need. I’m thinking in terms of restoring it, if I should need to…

Welcome to the community. Did someone just say “Forth”? I have messed with multiple options but this one skipped me. I am curious to see the results.

Is there already an STM32F401 port for Forth?