Brainpad UF2 Firmware

flashed BrainPad bootloader from

but appear ARCADE-F4 instead BrainPad

how to install BrainPad 2 bootlader properly for UF2

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i flashed new bootloader with this DFU but still appear (BrainPad Arcade)

is there any way to remove or clean BrainPad Arcade-F4 from Brainpad

That is how it suppose to be. What exactly are you trying to achieve?

remove BrainPad Arcade-F4 with ST-LINK through PB14/PB13 holes (and removed protected flags that do not allowed to remove this bootloader)

now i flashed with above DFU (that posted by you) but nothing appear at device manager (nor BrainPad drive)

but if i flash FEZ CLR DFU 2.04 it work

just i want to use UF2 with BrainPAd that i have

Which BrainPad do you have?

BrainPad Classic is what you have. @Gregory or I can check during business hours and let you know.

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How did you flashed it ? DfuSeDemo ? or st-link ?

No brainpad drive: I think as you seem to have rev. A board, you should keep press L button while pressing reboot to have drive appears. @Gregory ou @gus_issa could confirm that.

@bauland flashed via DFU from link

but still nothing appear

so for L button there’s no info to press during boot (or to keep after reset)

thanks for info i will try when i back home.

Reset button has changed between rev A and rev D version of board (I don’t know for which revision).
To have drive, if you have rev D you push reset button (big one as L, R, U, D button) for a long time, for rev A you need to keep pressing L while you press reset button (small one as boot0).

But I agree you: it is not documented. Maybe GHI Team could add this to Step 2.4 for old brainpad :wink:

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thanx @bauland i can confirm BrainPad UF2 work as you say for revision A

Keep L pressed , press reset , release reset , release L it showed GREEN color and appeared BrainPad2 drive

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