BrainPad Community links

Please note that this " " URL should be bookmarked because it may be difficult to get back to it at this time. I mean, to the main page of this forum. In the banner at the top “Main Website” takes you to the marketing web site with no link to get back, none that I can find. Home above takes you to the same site, Buy, of course takes you to the same site. I don’t see a way to get back to this forum main page from any posted Topic here. Just a heads up until more links back here are provided. So bookmark “” or use the back arrow to find your way back to the main forum page. Ok , I see you have to click on the Brain icon to get to main page of forum, I would have thought that would be symbol for marketing link too.

Click on the logo. It is the home if the community. Is this what you need?

Updated the top header to show both main website and community to eliminate confusion.