BrainPad Arcade as dev. board?

I’m curious about what more we can do with BrainPad Arcade besides playing Arcade games? I don’t know where else to post this question. Is there a link to projects using BPA beyond Arcade? What is supported on the board for bread boarding with jumper wires and what extensions can be used? Are we only allowed to download .uf2 files for Arcade or other .uf2 files also? thx

I think Brainpad Arcade focus is easy game development.
For dev. board (Which introduce some electronic part) Brainpad classic is more appropriate IMO.

The arcade has a header placement for wiring things. In theory you can build whatever you like with arcade but no documentation is provided. The classic is the right fit for bugging things today. Arcade is mostly for games.

I modified the post category to arcade.

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