Award Winning BrainPad

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Award Winning BrainPad

GHI Electronics’ BrainPad was the humble and grateful recipient of a recent award given out by the staff members of The Henry Ford museum. The awards are given out to those whose projects embodies the innovation and spirit of the the museum and the Maker Faire event.

This is a 5-year culmination of development involving thousands of students and teachers, partnering suppliers and partnering developers from all over the globe. We are proud to share this award with each and every one that contributed to the BrainPad’s success.

We aren’t done, and won’t be satisfied until we can get the BrainPad into the hands of everyone that it can affect and help. From students, to troubled or disadvantaged youth, to returning citizens, or those just wanting to learn.  We’re working with key government, organizations and corporations and to help remove the barriers that can get in the way of their success.  


Congrats !

It is just justice for the good work and invest (not only money !) for the brainpad collection.

It shows me that I don’t have never seen few models :slight_smile:, so I don’t have them !


Bauland, You know you’re are one of our biggest champions! We honestly appreciate everything you’ve done to contribute and pushing. This is a labor of love, we’re all in. I want to personally Thank You myself!


Congratulations GHI ! ! You have contributed so much, hardware and extensions; well deserved awards guys. Kudos to you all from the folks in Missouri, USA.