3D Printed Case for BrainPad Classic

I just released an enclosure for the BrainPad Classic. It leaves all of the sensors and ports exposed and has room to stash the USB cable under the board when you’re not using it.


The design’s on Thngiverse: GHI BrainPad Classic case. Hope someone finds it useful.


That yes great. Can I see the other side where your store the cables?

Glad you like it, Gus! Here’s the cable-storage side, complete with cable:
It’s about the same volume as the retail packaging has for the cable.

Not sure if this case would work for the BrainPad Arcade: would have to allow for the offset USB port. The design is open source, so anyone can make it. It’s a slightly longer print than I’d like, but it’s solid.


Have you tried it with BrainPad Arcade? We have soldered female headers on the back of BPA about where the words “Brain Pad” are in your picture so we would need a cut-out in the case back at that point. I could measure exactly. Thx.
Oh, wait, I see:

Hey, if I had a BrainPad Arcade, I’d make a case for it, but as a non-profit maker I’m not exactly rolling in cash.

Looks like the board is a completely different size, and there would need to be ways of accessing the batteries and other ports

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Have you seen the free tab on the website?

Yes, I saw that, thanks. I’m inconveniently in :canada: though. The charity I work for - Makers Making Change, https://www.makersmakingchange.com/ - who do open source assistive technologies to help people with disabilities - isn’t quite qualifying as an educator as I’d hope.